For Small & Medium Businesses

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Influencing Skills for Business

Whether it’s finding new clients, attracting investors or negotiating with suppliers, business leaders need to be skilled listeners and persuasive talkers. Using the latest findings from the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, this series of workshops provides small and medium businesses with the knowledge and skills to extend their powers of influence, super-charge their networking activities and win more business.

For Non-profits & Fundraisers

Advanced Storytelling for Fundraisers

Authentic, human stories are the most powerful way to communicate your message and emotionally engage potential donors. In this workshop, fundraising professionals learn the techniques used by award-winning writers, performers and film-makers that bring stories to life and make a lasting emotional impact on the listener.

For Change Professionals

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Overcoming Resistance to Change

Why do intelligent, reasonable people often behave irrationally when faced with change? How can change professionals overcome emotional resistance? This series of workshops for business analysts, project managers and change managers provides the understanding and skills needed to smooth the way for positive and progressive change.

Public Speaking Workshop

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Public Speaking Masterclass

Most presentation skills training will teach you to relay information effectively. This masterclass takes you far beyond that, enabling you to engage your audience’s emotions, inspire them to action and influence their thinking long after they have left the conference hall.

Coaching Programmes


Coaching Programmes

We offer bespoke one-to-one coaching programmes to professionals who want to develop their powers of communication and influence. As with all our training, our materials and methods are grounded in sound evidence-based practices, supported by scientific research.

Keynotes and Seminars

Keynotes and Seminars

Sam offers entertaining, inspirational and insightful keynote speeches. Drawing on 25 years’ experience in business and 10 years as a professional performer, Sam delivers powerfully with panache and humour. The most fun you’ll ever have at work.


Listen to a BBC Radio Interview with Sam

Sam talks to Matthew Bannister on the BBC World Service.

Who is Sam Brady?

Sam Brady is an award-winning Stage Performer, Keynote Speaker and Communication Specialist. In 2008, after many years in management consultancy, including a term as UK President of the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA), Sam took a change in direction. He joined a Buddhist community where he spent the next 3 years studying mindfulness and meditation. After this prolonged period of reflection, Sam announced that he had discovered his destiny – not to become a Buddhist monk, but to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a professional stand-up comedian. Starting on the UK Comedy Club circuit, he soon went on to write and perform thought-provoking one-man shows, perhaps the best known being Kindness. He has performed many times at the Edinburgh Fringe, including at the prestigious Assembly Rooms, and has toured the UK and Ireland with his funny and inspirational material. In 2014, Sam decided to combine his understanding of business with his experience in communication and influence, providing training to businesses and non-profit organisations. Pulling together a network of associates from diverse disciplines, he formed Sam Brady Ltd – Communication Specialists.

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